Lean Out With Us.

Early Majority is an outdoor brand community that makes gear for its members and empowers them to enjoy it.

We make a highly edited system of technical outerwear for all eventualities and all genders, and we grow by making for our members rather than flooding retail racks for maximum profit.

Join us in flipping the destructive apparel industry on its head. And enjoy awesome perks and discounts!

Minting Now

Mint your Member Badge NFT and get:

  • + Limited edition Bum Bag & physical member badge ($400 value)
  • + Member pricing on earlymajority.com
  • + Early access to all drops
  • + Product designed just for members
  • + Active voice in product creation
  • + Access to our members' only online journal — Tools for Leaning Out
  • + Simple thEM login

Founding members get the goods

We are also rewarding our founding members who mint an NFT

  • + 1 in 500 members receive one of everything we make, forever
  • + 1 in 100 members receive an All Eventualities Mint Kit
  • + 1 in 10 members receive a piece of Early Majority apparel
  • + All members receive a physical member badge and limited edition Bum Bag

Explore the Mint Collection

Let's Go Outside Together

Online connections are awesome, but IRL adventures are better. Our mission is to help inspire and empower people to make more time for art, adventure and activism, and our members are invited to regular gatherings to enjoy the outdoors together.

Go Outside
Lean Out

How it works.

  1. Mint your Digital Member Badge
  2. Join our Discord and verify your token in #collabland-join
  3. Login to earlymajority.com with your NFT to access member benefits

How to claim your goods.

  1. Hold your token through one of our regular holder snapshots.
  2. Check your wallet for your airdrop token to see what you got.
  3. Redeem your Airdrop token at mint.earlymajority.com/claim.
  4. Check your email for your unique order code and link.
  5. Click through to enter your unique code and complete your order on earlymajority.com
  6. Check the Announcements and Official Links channels in our Discord for upcoming holder snapshot and airdrop dates for new members.

What folks are saying:

Quick Questions:

Our team has led marketing, brand, design and business development for multi-national, multi-billion dollar fashion, culture and technology brands such as Converse, Patagonia, Burberry, Rapha, Norse Projects, Sonos, Tesla and Outside. Early Majority was founded in 2021 by Joy Howard and Dmitri Siegel. Join our discord or learn more about us at www.earlymajority.com.

Leaning out is the unfortunately radical notion that it’s the system that’s broken, not us. That’s why instead of changing ourselves, we’re enjoying ourselves and changing the world.

  • Members Allowlist: 0.3Ξ + 1 Free Mint (must pay gas)
  • Partners Allowlist: 0.33Ξ
  • Public: 0.358Ξ

Each wallet can mint a maximum of three Early Majority Digital Member Badges.

Yes. If you’re no longer interested in participating in the Early Majority community, you can sell your Digital Member Badge on a secondary NFT marketplace such as OpenSea or Looksrare.

You can find the terms of sale for the Early Majority Digital Member Badge here: https://www.earlymajority.com/terms-of-sale-them-token

To get your gear, first mint your Early Majority Digital Member badge and hold your token through one of our regular holder snapshots. After a snapshot, we’ll begin airdropping tokens to eligible wallets and you can see what you got. Then you’ll redeem your airdrop token at mint.earlymajority.com/claim, and in exchange you’ll receive an email containing a unique order code and link to the item you can claim. Just use your code during checkout and your item will ship immediately for free. Please note that limited edition bum bags will be made to order and could take up to 14 weeks for delivery - we’ll document the entire process in the #make-with-us channel in our Discord.

Check the Announcements and Official Links channels in our Discord for upcoming holder snapshot and airdrop dates for new members.

If you have a proven track record of doing amazing things, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.